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Originally Posted by BMW2D4EVR View Post
I understand that slamming a car is not practical. But I like the look of it, and I'm sure most of you do to. It might take away some of the performance, but I own a 325. Not a 330. Not an m3. So performance isn't really what I am going after for this car. Im going for low and slow with this one. I asked a simple question about what coils would give me the look I'm going for. I'm not trying to get into debate whether slamming cars looks good or not. I just want to know which will give me the best results.
Might have better luck in this thread:

That said, if you don't care about the warranty from ST, you could just remove the helpers. The back already goes pretty low on mine.

Not sure what wheels you run, but slammed you'd probably be tucking a lot - if not all - of the tire in the fender.
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