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Originally Posted by Mctwist77 View Post
Update! Did these two items at the same time and the oil separator was a piece of cake. Highly recommend doing these two at the same time. I'm still putting together my Oil filter housing but so far I'm only at 4 and a half hours labor.
Great, if you could put some details; like things to look for or any tips that would be great. I went through the DIYs and confused the **** out of me. May be I just have to try it out and things will turn out easier.

I have to do both too and and not looking forward to it.
More over I have an auto and the I have to go through the fan clutch

Waiting for a floor jack to come, the old one bursted on me so I have to wait till it arrives. Dont want to drop anything under the car and be left stranded. Also having the car raised will be not as bad for my back.
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