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OK guy, I got the brake reservoir screen out & was able to remove about 95% of the old fluid. Here's what I found. The screen has (4) ramped outer ribs that stop & form a ledge so once installed, it will 'snap' into place & not come out. I don't know why BMW started doing this, as my E34's didn't have it. I took swagwagons info & used a very small screw driver to bend the outside in at each step/snap location & carefully inserted some thin feeler gage strips between the screen snaps & reservoir housing. Once I have all (4) snaps shimmed, I used a small needle nose pliers to gently lift/pry each of the (4) positions out over the shims. Once the screen top was a little above flush, I removed the shims to allow more room to rock the screen out. Took about 5 mins. The screen does have some small marks around the out side top lip but will still function. I was able to use my turkey baster with a clear vinyl tube extension & suck out all most all the oil brake fluid out. Then add new fluid & attached the pressure bleeder & proceed to the wheels. Something that I do, is to use a "C" clamp to squeeze against the outer outside brake pad to compress the caliper piston while I have the bleeder valve open & a clear tube attached, so I can see what air bubble that may be in the piston area. This assures me that most all of the brake fluid is out of the caliper before I push new fluid in via the pressure bleeder. The tube is pressed thru a hole in a clear plastic fruit juice container lid so I can see how much fluid I am pushing out of the system & how bad it looks. The correct procedure is to start at the RR (longest distance), then move to LR. Then RF & last LF. After this is done, be sure the reservoir is topped off & you start the car & pump the brake peddle to expand all (4) caliper pistons. IF you don't do this, you'll end up driving or backing into something, as you will NOT have any braking until they are pumped up to normal. Then take the car to an untraveled dirt road & slam in the brakes several times to get the ABS pump to activate. This will move the old fluid out of the pump.

hope this will help others on the forum.
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