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Originally Posted by NyC35AV View Post
I did them both together and it took me bout 10 hours spaced out between two days. It's so much easier with everything out the way replaced a couple vacuum lines also. Even tho I had the car raised my back was hurt for a couple days. This would also be the perfect time to clean your throttle body, icv and disa since your there.

Originally Posted by Stinger9 View Post
Fan clutch nut I can't help with as I am six speed!

Lower intake boot=patience

Water pump pulley=gentle

Replace all four CVV hoses and you'll not have anything to worry about breaking.

+1 on: the perfect time to clean your throttle body, icv and disa since your there
But not much use to clean DISA. I just replaced it instead.

Yah, I am replacing all 4 hoses.
Water pump pulley I cracked once when I tried to hammer the fan clutch out. Now I have the proper fan clutch tool. So, I guess I should be good on that.

I have a new DISA gasket, throttle body gasket, new DISA bolts, OEM vacuum tubes and even extra clips for the fan shroud ready to go.
I guess I have covered all the bases for the required parts. Well I have to get some electrical parts cleaner and throttle body cleaner for the ICV and TB.

Originally Posted by Mctwist77 View Post
Trj, I just followed the oil filter housing gasket DIY till the end, then when I was there I started the Oil separator DIY. It seems like a lot is going on and can get overwhelming but if you just follow it step by step and you label the harnesses you disconnect it's not too bad. When you reassemble literally follow the DIY in reverse. And yeah the lower intake boot is a bitch to get off because the hose clamps are in a weird spot but it you just have patience you'll get it. Oh and expect to have a sore lower back as well as cuts on your fingers. The biggest thing is patience.

Patience is what I lack. I guess I have to give it a try though.

I am going to cut and remove the lower intake boots, and probably cut the stupid clamps and replace the with generic ones. I tried to remove them once and the nuts are all the way back, not even visible.

I guess its going to be a full weekend project next weekend. I'd like to complete it in a day though, dont want to extend it for two days. I dont have a garage and would not want to keep the stuff disassembled overnight.

How long did it take for you?
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