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Clean - there are two cleaning-related factors that can cause your leather to wear prematurely. The first is dirt, and the second is oil, combined they become very abrasive, as dirt / grit and subsequent friction cause the finish to wear. Use an aqueous (water- based) foam cleaner (Leather Master™ Foam Cleaner) a foaming action makes it especially safe for Aniline, heated seats and perforated finished leather surfaces. Foam encapsulates the dirt so that it can then be wiped away; allow the foam to dwell to ensure the chemicals have time to work.

The foam holds the dirt in suspension, avoiding the possibility of being simply pushed around or being re-deposited on the surface, a medium soft brush can be used to clean any folds or creases; this will help to dislodge any ingrained dirt, which can then be just wiped away with a clean, soft towel.

For stubborn dirt use Leather Master™ Strong Cleaner, which can be diluted with distilled water to the required strength; do not apply any liquid cleaning product directly to the surface of finished leather, as it may ‘spot’ clean leaving a faded area? Always apply cleaning products to folded 100% cotton micro fibre towel and then apply using light / medium pressure.

For ingrained soil the best results are obtained by placing a damp micro fibre towel in the microwave and heat for a few minutes - until they are really hot but not so hot that you can't touch them. Place on the seats and leave for a few minutes, this should lift / loosen any ingrained dirt

Modern automotive leather upholstery use a completely different tanning processes and finishing system, utilizing advanced polymers and chemicals (urethane doesn’t require conditioning or rejuvenation) and as a consequence they do not need to be treated with aftercare products containing oils or proteins. Oils and soft plastics (polymers, acrylics and urethanes) are not compatible; repeated application on to finished leather can cause the break-down of cross-linking and binding agents.

Oil accelerates the deterioration of urethane over time. After extended use the condition of the finished leathers pigmentation (colour) will be removed by the oil causing the urethane protection to become delaminated.
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