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I'm a bit frustrated trying to track this because there are no glaring symptoms. I've never seen a car run so well and be so f'ed up. Having never owned a Bmw before, or any car with a drive by wire system I don't know what they are supposed to feel like. The only thing I think I can pick up is a very slight jerkiness when trying to hold steady throttle pressure at low speeds, but this could be normal for 02 325 and I never get a failure at low speeds. It almost always fails in top gear (auto) 55 or so to 70 mph light throttle, just cruising, car cold or hot. Setting cruise control will always cause a failure. I just got the car and from what I can tell it is largely untouched, minimal service work, minimal repair work ever done, 130,000 mi. This weekend I'm going to service the trans because I don't suspect it's ever been done. When I first got the car I fixed some vaccum leaks (cracked up old hoses) and I replaced all the pcv stuff and cleared the dipstick tube where it drains back into the crankcase. I can't detect any vaccum leaks at idle now, air intake hoses are good. I'm hoping Seth will see this and berate me for missing something obvious, seems like he has a lot of experience with these cars. Any of this sound familiar to you?
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