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Cool How do you do your hair daily? What do you use?

I have had the same default hairstyle since the 7th grade and im tired of it.

Its basically like Matt LeBlanc in this pic, maybe a little less spikey and more "tidy".

Last year I grew my hair out and went with a "wild" look which I liked, but it made me realize that my hair is extremely dry and hard to control.

I want to experiment with some new styles and products. I used gel for the longest time but just recently switched to Axe shine pomade. I know there has to be better stuff out there I haven't yet heard of.

So how do you style your hair? Long/short? Examples? What products, if any, do you use? Im totally clueless in this dept.


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Either pursue her and risk getting Mono, or don't pursue her,...stay home and use your Mano.

It's either Mono or Mano .... You decide
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