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This is a little off topic but I'm hoping some of you are still on board with this thread... I woke up this morning and thought to myself. Why am I about to spend close to 20k on my M3 when all I'm going to be doing with it is highway pulls, very occasional track days, and mountain runs (which will be even more dangerous with the extra power). I cherish my M too much to make it a dedicated track car even though it would be great at it, I won't do it. Then I thought, I do still have my rx7, it is already setup for a turbo...why not spend not even half the money and have a 500-600 rwhp rx7 that weights nearly 800lbs less, use it as a track car and just enjoy my M3 just like I do now the way it is?

For those of you who have multiple boosted vehicles, why did you choose to force induct your M3? Is it a status thing, does it have a unique feel to it other, just because you're a boss like that, etc.? My motivation is to have something that you don't see every day and to have a ride that excites me almost to the point of scaring me when I drive it...that's my motivation for a high hp machine.

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