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Originally Posted by Custom3 View Post
Very tempting....what is stopping me is the fresh paint, even after being cured anything can go wrong. Shipping companies can give 2 sh*ts about how they treat your package Thats it I'm moving to the westcoast!
Exactly right, that's why we're charging more since we have to package it more.

Originally Posted by rmodys View Post
Alright I think I'm ready to pull the trigger on this but first a few more questions. What can I do about shipping insurance against a cracked or damaged paint job on the new bumper? How can I be positive that the paint will match the rest of the car? What's the timetable looking like for one of these from order until I receive it?
You can ask for insurance, we usually do $5 for every $100 you want for insurance. You cannot be 1000000% sure the paint will match because of environmental variables. You can give us your paint code and potentially ship us your tow cover as a sample, but you cannot do it any other way to be perfectly certain.

Originally Posted by youngproexec View Post
+1 This. I have a 'hard' color to match (anthracite gray) so I will need to send my tow hooks. I will include both front and rear tow hooks and label appropriately.
If you are doing front and rear bumpers, then yes, that would be definitely advisable.
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