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Originally Posted by John in VA View Post
Annandale, Fairfax Circle area, Centreville.
thanks i'll check those out.

Originally Posted by ksuen21 View Post
that area is currently going through urban rejuvination (new roads, extending the metro line, etc.) and traffic has been worst than usual lately. I used to commute from Bethesda to Tysons everyday (40 mins there, 45min-1 1/2 hrs back). If I was you, I would avoid living in MD to have to deal with the traffic.

Unless you are getting paid enough to do so, but then wouldnt be driving a 3ser

thanks for the insight.

well if i was getting paid enough, i would have a house and still drive a 3 series lol to me the house is more important than the car.

Originally Posted by CiaranX View Post
Any kind of Asian? Because these areas are pretty much Korean.

I'm not aware of any other Asian "enclaves" in the area.

As to bad drivers... Lol for every 5 minutes of light rain count on at least 3 accidents between you and your destination. If its snowing count on 15. Lol

No, I'm serious...

The last so called snow storm shut this place down and it wasn't even that bad. Then again, you are from Cali so ummm...
iono what kind of asians is more popular? lol well if it's viet, i would probably get a cheaper price, but i've rented from koreans/chinese and they were cool too.

lol light rain, sounds just like CA. well except it's like every other exit there's an accident. i don't have snow here though, but i'm guessing your driver's are better still lol

yea, i'm probably going to be one of those drivers that don't know how to drive in the snow. i'm totally going to need some tips lol
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