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Originally Posted by albarran9 View Post
I just installed mine last week. I got a bad unit at first, but Amazon was quick to replace as I just sent back the bad one and ordered a new one. I had no sound as well and my head unit just said disabled when the pa12 was plugged in. Dose it work with the spec unplugged? Did you disconnect your battery before you plugged in the spec? Did you try another iPod/iPhone? Did you get the right DSP or Non-DSP model for your car? I would suspect that if the HU can read the iPod info and the iPod is plugged in, it should play audio. I trouble shooted the crap out of the first spec unit I got because I was really excited when I got it and then disappointed that It didn't work. The only time I got my HU to not display "disabled" and got it to read the iPod, I also had no sound. I think disconnecting your battery before installation is crucial for it working properly. When my new unit came in it worked right away. Disconnected my battery, connected the CD changer cables, hooked my ipod up to it and it worked right away. If all else fails, I'd return it within the warranty allowance period and get a new unit.
I read all this and I pretty much have similar problems. Only thing I can think of is the battery, I forgot to disconnect it...

I have an E46 so DSP is out, I did not try another iPod but I did try the RCA AUX cable. I really wish this came with instructions, I pretty much just read "Plug into CD changer plugs in trunk", nothing about the battery disconnecting. I'm pretty sure thats it.

Did you purchase the divice off amazon for $119 from audio kraze? How long did it take to return and receive the unit?
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