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Now that we have the starter kill all wired up, lets give our alarm it's main power and ignition sources. The remote start alarm requires these big gauge connections to be made in order for the alarm to duplicate the same functions the key would make when you get in your car and turn it over. Every manufacturer has proprietary colors, but for the most part; Red is 12v constant, yellow is ignition 1, purple is starter, and brown is accessory. On the e46 we have no accessory wire, so we wont be needing that, but we do have a second ignition wire. Well, this alarm happens to have a second ignition as well, the pink wire. Some cars have 3 ignition wires and up to 2 accessory wires and 2 starter wires. For those types of installations, you must use relays.

Now lets go ahead and get the 556uw in, (transponder bypass module).
It's super simple, put the key in the box, and then seal the box back up, plug in your cables, and you are done. There are 3 basic connections to be made; 1. 12v constant. 2. Ground. 3. And ground when running. The module comes with instructions, so you really can't mess this up.


So now lets wire up all of the miscellaneous connections. Like I said at the beginning of the thread, I am not going to show every single connection, if you have come this far, then you can easily read the install manual that came with your alarm and make the proper connections. At this point it's simple connections guys. This is where you will be tapping the rest of your wires; door trigger, trunk release, door locks, hood pin, etc.

Here we have most of the unit wired up.

One thing I will tell you guys is that you must diode isolate the seperate pin switches and triggers.There are multiple instant trigger sources eg,. hood, trunk, audio sensor, and they all go to one trigger wire, so they must be isolated. Also the ground when armed wire ties into the starter kill and scanning LED, these must be diode isolated as well. I will be including a diode guide as well.

Here is what we have so far. I have about 3 hrs worth of work left and she will be all wrapped up. So hopefully I can get it done tomorrow.
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