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Originally Posted by aznniche View Post
weird how my eibachs have dropped a bit more since i just installed new top strut mounts/lower spring pad and rear upper spring pads yesterday. maybe during the reinstallation, things got seated properly. also put on 15/10 spacers which look pretty aggressive.
Cool! Will do mine very soon once I got all the accessory parts. Did you end up installing the springs with the letters right side up? (That's how I would do with mine just to be consistent.)

Any pics? How's the ride? Did you set the shocks full soft?

Oh, by the way, when you install the rear shock, were you able to do it by yourself? I am not sure how to hold the shock in place then having to screw the top mount in the trunk that is unless somehow there is a way to secure the shock so to let your hands free. That is the only step I can think of the requires two persons.

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