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Originally Posted by 500e View Post
Hi - I have been reading this thread and gotten tons of great information. I am new to advanced car detailing. I wanted to know what products you would recommend for Wax/Sealant & Polish for a Titanium Silver M3? I find it difficult to make Silver pop compared to colors like Imola Red etc. In less light silver looks a bit better compared to in direct sun IMO.

What polish and wax sealant is best and if there is one you would recommend specifically for Silver M3's that would be great (want more depth and detail to come through), also the car is new to me so I dont know what kind of products it may have on it from the previous owner, so I want to do a full detail and need a few recommendations on products. Here is the process I was planning on following, can you please review and let me know if you think it looks correct and recoomend the correct products for each step:

1- Snow Foam Car
2- Wash & Dry Car
3- Clay Bar Car (was planning on getting the Clay Magic 200g but need to know which lubricant is best)
6-Wax (Need clarification on 5/6, is sealant in the wax, or is it a seperate step and product?)
7- Tire Dressing (Need recommendation on deep glossy shine product, but something that wont spin off the wheels onto the car, I also read in the post you recommend using water based for light shine and ontop add silicone for deep shine)
8- Wheel detailing (I have the 19" wheels and wanted to know what you would recommend in terms of process and products to get the most shine out of the wheels)

Engine Bay detail: This makes me very nervous I dont know if I would want to spray a hose in my engine. Would you be able to recommend a Safe way to detail the engine bay/products?

Thanks in advance!
Thank you for the message I'd be happy to help your new vehicle looking it's best again. Silver can look incredible with the right care. In general I use the same polishes on all colors but sealants and waxes can sometimes look better on certain colors. I'll go over your questions below:

1.) I'd recommend this kit for a great value and the shampoos you need - DI Packages Foamaster II Starter Kit. Wash with the Citrus Wash and Clear to strip off any old sealant or wax on the paint. After you apply a sealant or wax use the Maxi Suds II for maintenance washes, it won't strip off protection.

2.) If you want the wash mitt, drying towels, pre-wash degreaser, etc. in one great kit skip the first kit and pick up this one - http://www.detailedimage.com/DI-Pack...nced-Kit-P368/. This has just about everything you could need for a top quality wash and dry at a great price!

3.) Clay Bar
Helps deep clean the paint, we have a great value with our bar and a lube -
DI Packages DI Gentle Fine Grade Clay Bar 100g & Clay Lube. The Clay Magic is great too and if you pick that up we have tons of great lubes but the Poorboy's World Spray & Wipe (S&W) is a favorite of mine.

4.) Polish
This is the step where you actually remove the swirls for good and restore that like new shine again! A buffer is a huge help here as it can more thoroughly work in the polish and really get maximum results. If interested in picking up one the Porter Cable 7424XP Random Orbital Buffer is a completely safe and easy to use tool that will greatly improve your results. I'd recommend a two step polishing combination to really make the paint pop!
Meguiar's Ultra-Cut Compound M105 - Lake Country Orange Light Cutting Pad 2x
Meguiar's Ultra Finishing Polish M205 - Lake Country White Polishing Pad 2x

If you are not interested in a buffer or if it's not within your budget then just pick up the M205 listed above and apply that by hand with a foam applicator and medium pressure.

5. Sealant
Protect the shine and enhance it! Some sealants have wax in them and conversely some waxes have sealant in them. A sealant will usually protect much longer and it's super easy to apply.
Blackfire Wet Diamond with Polycharger - Lake Country Blue Fine Finishing Pad 1x or applied by hand with a clean foam applicator

6. Wax
A sealant provides more than enough protection and an outstanding shine so you can certainly stop there. If you want the maximum gloss apply a wax on top of the sealant. The P21S Concours Carnauba Wax is one of my favorites on silver paint. If you're budget is a bit bigger the Dodo Juice Light Fantastic Soft Wax looks incredible on any lighter color and offers excellent protection. These waxes would both be applied by hand with a clean applicator.

Hand remove all of these products with CLEAN microfiber towels. I highly recommend picking up about 5x - 10x DI Microfiber All Purpose Towel.

7.)Tire Care
TUF SHINE Tire Appearance Kit is easily my favorite tire care product, just thoroughly clean the tires with the supplied cleaner and the tire clear coat will provide you a shine that lasts MONTHS, not days or weeks. This is the only dressing you'll need and it's outstanding while good for your tires!

8.) Wheel Care
To clean the wheels I highly recommend the SONAX Wheel Cleaner Full Effect. It's my favorite wheel cleaner because of how effectively it breaks down brake dust and road grime. Best of all it's pH neutral so it's safe on your wheels and you don't have to worry about any staining or discoloration. After you have thoroughly cleaned them you can protect them with virtually any sealant or pick up a wheel specific product like the Poorboy's World Wheel Sealant. It's a great way to protect the wheel's finish and it makes future cleanings much easier! It applies with ease, smells amazing and one jar can protect 100+ wheels.

I hope this answers your questions!

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