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Originally Posted by dogbox46 View Post
Here's kind of a silly question... I used Menzerna Power Lock on my 2000 Orient Blue coupe on the weekend and it looks incredible!

The only problem is now it seems to be a complete dust magnet.

I have a California Duster (I know, I know) that I use lightly each morning before heading off to work and even the duster doesn't seem to pick up the dust now.

Am I missing something or is this normal after using a product like Power Lock?

Glad to hear you got that great shine from the Menzerna Power Lock Polymer Sealant, it's one of my favorite sealants. In general it won't attract dust but it's possible there is a bit of a static charge on the surface. You could try wiping it down with a quick detailer like the Chemical Guys Speed Wipe (Anti-Static) Quick Detailer and two microfiber towels. The duster may also be adding a charge to the surface as well, but that is just a guess on my part. It's also possible that with a perfectly clean vehicle you just notice build ups more frequently. Hope this helps!

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