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Quick review on cases:

I like the look and feel of the Belkin Grip Candy on my White iphone. The back looks much nicer than the sides and front lip (which end up looking gray). Actually, the sides are gray, which is ugly imo. I don't know why they went with that color because the rest of the case is beautiful (although a little feminine if you are insecure about that).

The buttons lose a little bit of feedback, but aren't bad.

Also doesn't add much thickness to the phone. Feels approx. the same, with a small 2-3mm lip. The satin feel is very nice.


I didn't like the Speck much for some reason, besides owning it for my 3GS. My 3GS speck case scratched the crap out of my phone over time due to dust/debris rubbing between the case and the phone, and the design hasn't changed much for the iphone 5 case besides little cutouts in the inside rubber. So I am hesitant about the speck for long-term use. It also doesn't look as nice IMO.

However, the Speck has SPECTACULAR button feedback. I would even say it amplifies and improves the button presses on the iphone 5 (which don't feel as nice as the iphone 4 imo).

The Speck is also harder to put on and take off, and I worry about scratching the phone when you do so. My 3GS speck as broke after 1 year when I was taking it off.

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