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Originally Posted by Irishace View Post
This is exactly the type of feedback I am looking for. Really appreciate it. I am getting more serious about the E46 M3 as I really love the car and I think my plan will be to run it stock and build out the suspension, brakes and subframe reinforcement similar to what you have done. After learning the car then I will add power.

Did you ship your car to HPF for the install or did you have it done locally? I would appreciate any insight you have with respect to the install and credible local shops that can help with the car. Thanks again.
No problem, hope i can help. I did the install myself. I do all the wrenching on my cars so i know exactly what is going on. The HPF install is quite time consuming but with the detailed instructions included i don't see why almost anybody can't do it...getting the exhaust manifold with turbo on there really is a I'm quite anal with my car and it really is my baby so i don't trust it in anybody else's hands. Being a machinist working with really tight tolerances and applying the mindset to cars makes people

My advice to you is start with pads & fluid and a harness (so you can focus on driving rather then keeping yourself in place) i use schroth quick fit since i don't have a harness bar. Coilovers next to help get rid of the understeer. Sways front and rear and bushings last. Bushings, spherical are crazy, love em! All slop is eliminated and you become one with the car. If you can do it all at the same time great but you'll never know what did what. First things first...reinforce the rear floor and front strut towers.

You'll love the E46 M3 on the track. I know mine has and a few people, good times All my tracking is for fun and smile are the prize.

I'm sure others will add or correct what i've said.
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