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Originally Posted by E46Mango View Post
Alex is 100% correct. This info (including the difference in part#) has been explained numeruos times (in the past month alone) lets see if you can find it.

Originally Posted by Alex323Ci View Post
that was answered in the 3rd post in this thread.

BMW on its remanufactured parts, BMW often uses the part number with an increment of one on last digit.

Let's see some pictures guys. All you say is it has been covered here and there, nothing else. I posted a link with pictures. Did you even read it?

Originally Posted by TerraPhantm View Post
650 is what came on the cars from the factory. 651 is what is available as a replacement. 651 corresponds to a rebuilt part; BMW doesn't sell brand new steering racks, so the part number won't be the same as what's found on the factory.

I've seen plenty of non-ZHPs parting out the 650 rack.

The zhp does have a different steering feel. It's not the rack though. The control arm is likely the main contributor to the better feel. It is also possible that the ZHPs came with the LUK 20 instead of the LUK30.
I now have ZHP arms, and my steering feel in terms of quickness is exactly the same as what i had before. Granted, i have a pre-02 car, but I do not believe control arms make steering quicker. Tight, yes, but quick, no.

Also realoem doesn't support your theory. My experience is that it lists the correct part number, and if it's replaced later, it says so right underneath it.

If you say that there are non-zhp after 02 that came with the -650 part from the factory, i would love to hear more. If any owner can chime-in, please do.

Mango, crawl under there, and post a picture of your part number, will you? Or are you gonna say "this is already well known, etc." again?
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