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Originally Posted by david05111 View Post
Oh God...that's a serious on my part. Why the hell do we never use that thread??!

Thinking about having this one closed...but for the hell of it, expanding on your idea Adam.

1) Pay off and take delivery of the M16
2) Profit?

Actually have no idea what I want at this point, as far as NFA is concerned. My latest Form 1 is in for approval, but won't be set til feb/march. The SDN6 will be sweet, but I won't get that til then either. The only other stuff I can think of are more machine guns, more specifically an MP40 or an MP5. But seeing as one would cost me at least $10,000 and the other upwards of $30,000, I don't see either happening very soon, if ever. At the moment, I'm sorta NFA'd out, aside from uppers and stuff.
I can see you picking up one of these would look real nice next to that benelli

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