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Originally Posted by david05111 View Post
Tromix Saiga?

Funny thing is that my buddy is on the trust as well; he's a co-trustee. He is obsessed with shotguns and has a Saiga right now that he plans to Form 1 and have cut or modified. He was super jealous when he found out I bought the Benelli, though he doesn't really have any right to be. He hasn't added anything to the trust yet haha; so far, its been all me!

He might be picking up a LWRC PSD, Mini 7, a Striker Shotgun, and a Street Sweeper Shotgun soon though...I think the last two are actually AOWs with a $5 stamp.
Shottys are fun. the PSD is a nice little toy...local shop had 1 I was playing with before.
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