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my sister finished law school recently, and i have a few lawyer friends. it's a nice, respectable degree.

the corporate lawyers work hard for their money (think 80 hr weeks). knew a girl who did it for a year, last time we talked, she said she was ready to just be a housewife and call it a day. the ones who work bank hours make like $30k/yr. you could always have your own practice though, ymmv.

i considered law school too, but ended up going another way. a jd is a great degree to hang on your wall.

but hey, you're still far from it. major in a social science or something like that and the door's wide open. all you really need to get into law school is a bachelor's degree and an lsat. sounds patronizing, but really, you're not old enough to worry about it yet. just get into a decent college and do well.

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