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Originally Posted by SeanC View Post
Let's see some pictures guys. All you say is it has been covered here and there, nothing else. I posted a link with pictures. Did you even read it?

I now have ZHP arms, and my steering feel in terms of quickness is exactly the same as what i had before. Granted, i have a pre-02 car, but I do not believe control arms make steering quicker. Tight, yes, but quick, no.

Also realoem doesn't support your theory. My experience is that it lists the correct part number, and if it's replaced later, it says so right underneath it.

If you say that there are non-zhp after 02 that came with the -650 part from the factory, i would love to hear more. If any owner can chime-in, please do.

Mango, crawl under there, and post a picture of your part number, will you? Or are you gonna say "this is already well known, etc." again?

The ZHP is *not* quicker. I've driven both. It is tighter, but the actual ratios are identical -- 13.7:1. This can be mathematically verified if you don't believe me.

I'm not saying the part was replaced with an updated version. I'm saying BMW simply doesn't sell brand new steering racks. They only sell refurbished/remanufactured ones. BMW often increments the part number by one for refurbished parts. The internals between the 650 and the 651 racks are the same.

If you google the 6 757 650 part, you'll find a lot of references to European cars such as the 318d, 320d, 330d, and guess what: these cars also have 6 757 651 listed as the steering rack part number. There's no super secret ZHP rack that BMW never documented.

There are other BMWs where the steering rack found on the car does not correspond to the part number listed in E46 (in fact, I imagine all of the are such). The E46 xi for example has a steering rack with "6 751 036" stamped on the sticker. The part number in realOEM is completely different (6759815)

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