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Originally Posted by benzovs View Post
I'm not to sure how to post the pics and vid so please bare with me. Pic#1. Here is the unit out of the box.
Pic#2. This is the led after it has been taking out of the case/housing. Pic#3 This is the drive side trim piece that covers the shaft of the rearview mirror mount. Notice all the small center punch indentations. I made those with a hooked pick tool. Pic#4 This is the outside of the trim piece after I have drilled the pilot holes. Use a very small drill bit so that you can try to stay on center. Pic#5 After going through a series of bits, I ended with a 13/64 bit. Pic#6 The leds are now installed and can be seen through the holes. Pic#7 This is the back side of the trim with the led circuit board installed. Pic#8 I have now mounted the trim piece and led on the shaft. It takes a bit of finessing, since the led circuit board has to sit inside a gap thats in the shaft, while at the same time trying to have the trim piece wrap around the front side of the shaft. Pic#9 Here you can see the led wires running through the rear view mirror boot and into the headliner. Pic#10 The final assembly of the led and rear view mirror mount trim piece.
If you guys can help, I want to be able to put the captions and descriptions right above each pic like I've seen in the other DIY. I searched the site but was not able to find out how to do this. Thanks for your patience.
It would've been helpful had you told us that the positive wire needs to go to a +12v constant. And the negative go to a +12v switched, or at least that's what Google came up with. Anyways, I'll take pictures of what mine looks like when I attempt to rewire it. I had it hooked up to +12v switched and the other grounded. Well, more precisely, i had it tapped into the same wires for clown nose. It lit up for a few seconds.
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