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Proper precautions need to be taken when cleaning up rodent infestation. There are many aspects to be considered in the cleanup process. The control of infectious diseases for the health and safety of both worker and occupants of vehicle, remediation of odor, cleaning, sanitizing replacing components affected by the rodent to include ventilation system, cabin air filters and indoor air quality of the passenger compartment.

Rodents are carriers of more than sixty infectious diseases like hanta virus and persons cleaning should wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) gloves, masks, goggles and coveralls, and not stir up droppings or materials contaminated. Spray down with disinfectants and HEPA vacuum any droppings or contaminated materials

Remove plenum cowling from around windshield clean and disinfect entire area and parts pieces.

Remove any cabin air filter in this area disinfect and replace cabin air filter with new

Remove any cabin air filter in the interior of the vehicle and disinfect the area and replace with new air filters. Air filters are sometimes found on the dashboard or glove box area.

Fog ventilation with disinfectants

Clean engine.

Check behind heat shield for nests or decomposing matter

Checking electrical wiring for any damage

Treat for odor with appropriate chemicals.

There is a section in this article on how to avoid rodent ingress - "Long Term (Winter) Vehicle Storage" -

I hope the information in this article is of some help to you. If you have any further questions please let me know

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