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Originally Posted by SeanC View Post
Ok thanks, that makes sense about the part numbers. However, I am still not convinced about the quickness/tightness issue, and have to disagree with you there. Whenever I drive a ZHP, it feels like there is something about the "rack" itself. I know exactly what to expect from control arms, from shocks, etc. None of them add up to the steering feel of the beast

I have also driven 02+ cars, that's I meant with "having owned/driven both".

Looks like you remember me just fine. Then you might also remember me participating in those discussions about the rack. I gave a break for a couple of years, and I'll give it to you, you guys look like you have made some progress about the part numbers, and what they mean.

What is still baffling to me is the steering feel of the ZHP. As I said above, the way I feel when I drive a ZHP forces me to isolate the feel as if it's the rack itself.

So I'm after what exactly is different on a ZHP rack. jpr at one point said it may be about its internal tolerances being tighter. Along these lines, I think it is very plausible that the M-Pack II internals might be the case here, as it does have specific part number for its rack.

And there is no research that has been done on this front, so I'd appreciate if you have something to post other than "part numbers", etc. Here's a thread that came very close to solving the mystery (which I have also participated back in 2008): http://www.bimmerfest.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=283973. People there talk about retro-fit kits, etc.
You've already been proven wrong about this magical ZHP "feel" with respect to the control arms. Remember your arguments? They all got stomped on and left for dead. You then apologized to me and whoever else. Not trying to be hostile, just saying. There's no magic to ZHP parts. I've driven both as well and of course a ZHP will feel "better" than a non-ZHP with the standard control arms and standard suspension. That feel has to do with the solid control arms, nothing more. (as long as you're comparing to a 330 with the "650" rack)

In fact I'll go as far as to say my car feels better than a stock maintained ZHP due to the fact Meyle control arm bushings are stiffer than the stock CABs spec'd for every E46 including the ZHP. Solid vs fluid filled.

It's not because Meyle is a "superior" part or WAY BETTER. it's just the way it's designed.

You can argue your parts are magical all day long but unless you come up with actual information rather than "OMG FEELS SO MUCH BETTER," you're basically arguing santa clause exists simply because you believe it.

Good job Alex and Terra for clearing this up for the millionth time. it's like this Sean guy and ZHP382082 guy have never seen these discussions before despite it being discussed for YEARS.

Same ratio, same part #, same sh!t.
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