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Originally Posted by So Lowww View Post
Thanks a lot dude! And I completely get what you mean!

Thing is my shocks are built/valved accordingly with the spring rates, so it literally almost feels like stock suspension. The valving is also digressive alongside aggressive, you NEED to ride with me to believe me haha it's insanely comfortable and handling is so much better.
For the fitment it's going to have it needs these rates, maybe later I'll swap to 18k.
Gotcha, I'd hope they'd sell you the right products in combination with such high spring rates haha. As you know, just lookin out for a fellow fanatics well being haha

As for the update I LOVE the wheels Once you dial them in properly they will be PERFECT. But yeah...def let that exhaust go, hurts my eyes and my heart that someone put that on the car to begin with lol. ALSO....why no trunk lip? looks very...awkward without it. CSL trunk time?

Good progress thus far!

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