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Originally Posted by Alex323Ci View Post
I have no problem with someone asking legit questions about something. I'm not knocking you at all. I have no issues with that or getting out the correct info .
I am not sure why you feel the zhp rack is different. I looked in that thread again, which I had back in 2008. Wow some zhp owners are so full of themselves. Obviously one reason why ZHPMafia was made is to create a barrier from the truth and their hopes. Just plain crazy how off they are in their wishful thinking.
Anyway Sean, in the comparison of the videos with the lock-to-lock, that is the same. And even if there was the slightest difference in where the steering wheel ended as you say, that is not a difference in 13.7 to a 15.5. So unless you're suggesting another ratio for the other 330s that should have put it to rest for you then.
The only other two things I can think of is that on your 330-zhp you were running a square 255 set-up (both front and rear). That's going to give a different steering feel. I don't know if you also had an underdrive pulley kit, that will make the steering firmer too.

Alex, thanks for going back and reading the thread again. First of all, going 255's all around made my steering less tight, not firmer. I have explained the reason why using simply math and physics in a thread years ago. I am talking about a %100 stock ZHP steering feel. The darn thing turns like a go-cart. That is the reason why I believe there might still be something different about the ZHP rack. BMW apparently had a "Msportpack II" rack in their arsenal. What could have prevented BMWNA to swap its internals to the ZHP's rack, when they were creating the package and not call it a ZHP specific part? It makes sense not to "publish" it as yet another part, when they could have installed a readily available 330 rack instead whenever they needed to. In that thread, a couple of ZHP owners mention about retrofit kits that were needed when they were having the -651 rack installed, as well as a mention of another hydraulic line to the ZHP's rack. Maybe those are part of the reason why ZHP turns this quick, maybe not.

Also, thinking along the lines when jpr said at one point about the internals being different, you may have the same ratio (same number of gears in a given length), but the feel might be completely different because of the way the gears came out of the CNC. I wonder if this might also be the case, but I guess we won't know until somebody opens up both and shows us the truth.

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