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Originally Posted by TerraPhantm View Post
I'll disagree there. I had both Meyle LCABs and OE LCABs on my ZHP... the latter felt better to me. Admittedly, I'm not sure if the Meyle's I had were the HD variant or not
"Better" is a subjective term, especially if we both have different opinions as to what is "better." We talking feel or isolation?

The two extremes are a) no bushing or a worn bushing and b) a solid race-style aluminum bushing. One will provide no feel at all and the other too much. So which is it?

We all know the Meyle HD bushing is firmer than OE fluid-filled stock. Of course there's probably a trade-off. That trade-off is increased feel/feedback with more vibration. Sometimes I feel my Meyle HD cabs are a bit firmer than I'd like... other times I like it when I'm driving in a spirited manner.

Cab firmness: OE>Meyle>Poly>Solid. Take your pick. What you prefer will be "better."

Originally Posted by SeanC View Post
I publicly apologize to E46Mango and to those I have offended throughout the thread. I had apparently been misled by some of posts that I have read in the past (some by respected members), and the puzzling fact that ZHP's steering being sharper, even though the rack and other components have proven to be the same compared to non-ZHP's.
From your post-history, you clearly aren't as knowledgeable as you'd like to think when it comes to the basics of these cars. You have something to prove--prove it. Otherwise, it's apparent that you've been mislead yet once again.
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