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You can wire up the led either way. You can make the red lead contant or switched, but it has to be 12v +. The black lead is negative (ground), and can be the wire that switches the LED on. You can choose which way to wire it, depending on where you are tapping into. On most aftermarket alarms there is a wire that supplies a ground signal when the alarm is armed, and it is aptly named "ground when armed wire". Since you want the LED to light up when you ARM the alarm, then it would make perfect sense to tie the ground lead of the led to that wire. If there was a wire that was "positive 12v when armed" then you would wire up the led just the oposite. The reason your led lit up for a few seconds was because where you tapped it into only gave an intermittent pulse, not a constant power supply. If you have any issues or any questions, feel free to ask.
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