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Originally Posted by SeanC View Post
Simple question: What makes ZHP's steer the way it does? If you say it's the control arms and shocks, I don't buy that. Make me believe.

I don't know if BMW made a special run for the rack, but it could have as well been the Msports pack II internals in the regular 330 rack. Both were readily available when ZHP package was invented by BMWNA.

Part numbers are set by BMW, not BMWNA, correct?

How can we make you believe without buying a ZHP and an 02+ ZHP, modifying the latter with ZHP control arms and wheels (springs and shocks are the same), and having you drive them?

You keep bringing up the M-sport II rack - why would BMW put this rack in the ZHP and not label it as such in either the ETK or on the part installed on the car? And why are there plenty of non sport/M-sport cars also equipped with 650 racks if the ZHP steering rack is somehow special? At the factory there would have been a lot of confusion if there were two different steering racks that had the exact same labels and housings.

Honestly, I think the difference you're talking about comes down to a romanticized memory of how the ZHP felt, and perhaps a better maintained front end on your former ZHP.

The ZHP package was not "invented" by BMWNA. It was designed by BMW AG as a US exclusive package.

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