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Originally Posted by jfoj View Post

You are the classic E46 owner, 1 key for the car, door lock linkage broken.

You really need to step up and spend some money as once you get locked out of your car the $200 you spend now will be a bargain!!

You need to purchase this to repair your driver door lock linkage -

Very easy to do if you can open your door, I think it is just 1 screw and you do not need to remove the door panel.

Then you need to purchase a additional keyfob from the dealer. Many dealers try to rip you off for keys, a decent price on the keyfob is $160, shop it around if you cannot find one for $160.

Trust me, spend the $200 NOW, otherwise when your keyfob fails or you loose your key with the car locked, you will be spending far more than $200.
Pretty sure I am not the classic anything since I have had the car for a week. I am just now starting to work on things. I just programmed the keyfob today. I had the oil filter housing gasket replaced because it was dumping oil the day after I bought it. Tomorrow, I am doing the headliner and pillars. I'll look up the linkage. Thanks for letting me know what it is. I would not have known what to look up. And you're right, $200 now will save a ton of heartache later but as with anything in life.....(except my baby mama), it takes time.

Seriously though, thanks for letting me know what it was. I figured it was something like that but had no idea what it was called. This is my first E46 and I love it. My last Bimmer was a 36 that I picked up for $1,500 and it lasted 30,000 miles in one year with a stuck lifter. I'd still have that if I hadn't broken the trailing arm.

This car runs and handles like a dream so I am willing to invest the money in it to get it back up to spec and beyond.

Thanks again.
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