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Originally Posted by N4NOOK View Post
Sound is only as good as it's source. Turd in turd out. The DAC in entry level Alpine will infinitely better than the DAC in the Dynavin. Even so for the OEM Alpine/Blaupunkt units.

But Pants.On.Fire I would be questioning the install of your components if it sounds average but having said those speakers are not exactly well regarded.
I play flac through CD but what I meant was, that my old alpine headline running the same gear sounded so much better. So they are installed correctly just sound a lot worse. But like i said im picky!

Where did you hear the c5's are not well regarded? I couldn't find many bad reviews on them, and all I did find was that they were better than the type r's. (if you are referring to the Type r's mentioned earlier)

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