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Ok I was pissed off and got a tad carried away with all the reposts, not sure how it ended up in here so many times but mods must have merged thread to ease cleanup, I apologize for wasting their time. (I was banned for a few days for doing so, thus my delay in response...)

See pics below.

Truthfully, while I go to great lengths not to waste money (such as driving a 13yo used car I own outright instead of financing or leasing a new one, and I could, it's just not how I like to expend my resources).. $100 is not a big deal to me. It's what I drop on burgers and fries out with my wife and kids, or a tank of gas and a car wash... It's really the principle at stake here in terms of why I doth persist.

In my experience, the peer pressure and shared community affect of sites on which I've posted has always borne itself out. I've rarely been burned when I've trusted and gone out of my way to earn that of others with whom I've done business and interacted. Have faith in people or a site, and most often you are rewarded, both in the material sense and intrinsically, which is doubly rewarding. In my experience, people who seem trustworthy can be trusted; sites like this attract good people for the most part. I prefer to live in the world that is grounded in faith rather than in fear.

Use your own discretion in doing business and caveat emptor. Ultimately who you believe here is up to you... But.

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