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Originally Posted by Reedo302 View Post
8" barrels for 5.56 certainly isn't optimal, but there are certain loads that work quite well with it. Your range is just heavily limited with them.
Heavy loads actually tend to do better. The Mk262 77gr OTM loads work very well because they will yaw easily. The best option is actually going to a Barnes TSX bullet. The 70gr TSX is designed to optimally expand all the way down to 1800fps, but they'll come out of an 8" barrel at around 2100-2250fps or so. 45gr and 50gr TSX bullets will be much faster, and still perform well. Short of those loads though, an 8" barrel is not good for much for actual offensive/duty use. They're fun to shoot, though. But holy **** do they have a lot of concussion.
Interesting...I figured there was some load that might be effetive. I'm just not convinced something that short is for me though.

And yeah, my 12.5 with the brake is crazy concussive. I imagine that an 8 inch barrel is just nuts. The thing that gets me is: how in the world do people who might actually have to use these things in combat deal with the noise, flash, and concussion? I mean, for instance, the PSD stands for Personal Self Defense I think...might be wrong about that. Regardless, these things AR supposed to be used by private security forces, etc. for close proximity protection of ViPs. I doubt that these guys wear hearing protection on duty...these things must be so disorienting and painful to shoot in those conditions

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