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Originally Posted by Georgeramosjr View Post
Hello all! I'm new to the forum but I've done a lot of reading with respect to the D99 unit which I have in my 2003 BMW X5 E53. I actually bought this car about three months ago with this head unit installed. When I purchased it everything worked fine. The radio reception worked well with Am/FM no matter how hard I pressed display or the frame around the radio it would never reset and it wouldn't bring up is volumevand color*settings. However, I had a guy install a backup camera, big mistake! After the installation if I hit a large bump, press the display too hard, or press the plastic frame around the display too hard, the volume setting comes out or if I was off completely. This wasn't happening before the installation. I'm unsure if the wires or crimped or pinched, or if there's an issue with the actual unit itself. It's currently running the Windows CE version of the operating system. Also now it is very difficult for me to get a.m./FM reception at all. *I ensured that the radio adapter is plugged into the*head unit as much as possible. But it doesn't seem to be flush, it seems like it might be a little loose and maybe some play there. But even when I hold him tight and put it in place and test the frequency I don't get reception anymore. This wasn't always the case. I'm really unsure about what to do, I'm wondering if anyone has had a similar experience. Enclosed is a video with the symptoms of turning on and off
Thats not a D99.....its an old "V5" D90 E39 unit. When your installer took the unit out and put it back in he did so in a way that is putting a lot of stress on the front panel, to the point where the plastic bezel is putting pressure on the edge of the screen. Might have even bent the metal frame on the back of the panel. In addition some of the wiring may be pinched or have a bunch of pressure on it. In any case, stuff got screwed up, you need to take it out, inspect for damage, and carefully put everything back in.....although things might be screwed up more than that, impossible for us to say from here.

The antenna or antenna adapter probably got damaged at the same time. Inspect and fix.

Originally Posted by syd9d View Post
Hi Jeff,

I've had my D99 Dynavin for a month now and I have worked out the kinks by now and I love it. I did see that there is an update for the ROM on the Dynavin Android page. Is this for both the Android and WIN CE version? I have the WIN CE version and I was wondering whether I need to download that update.

Will this update fix the iPod Playlist reordering problem because that can really be annoying, if not will there be an update in the near future for the WIN CE D99?

Thanks and keep up the good work.
ROMs are android things, not for WinCE. Dynaivns sort things alphabetically. I would not expect that to change.

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