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I have a new problem now...........

The engine temperature light stays in the middle zone now...it has not overheated since replacing the expansion tank. Good.

I have the temp sensor in the bottom of the expansion tank. I don't think it is seated properly but it has not fallen out... Good.

But the 'low coolant' light came on Saturday. I thought I had a slow leak from a hose that was improperly installed or I had done a poor job of seating the expansion tank. But the coolant level is full. I have not leaked any fluid since I topped it off, I bled the tank thru the screw. the floating level stick pops up when I remove the cap, there are no leaks on the ground.

The engine temp gauge does not go beyond the middle, I have not found any obstructions in the hoses and I don't think it has to do with the thermostat or the water pump because if it did, then there would either be smoke or condensation and the temp gauge would go up.

The engine seems to be idling fine, I don't have that whistling sound that I had before. I concluded that the whistle was a result of coolant dripping on the belts when I filled the expansion tank or from water that may have dripped on them when I wiped dirt off the engine block with a wet rag.

Is it a bad expansion tank.....is it possible that the floating stick thing is not doing its job properly ?

Is it possible that the ratio of water to coolant is too high ? I can't tell you with certainty what the ratio is. I have added coolant, water, coolant more water too many times. I lost count how many times I removed the hoses and lost water etc...

Any ideas ?

BTW, the car is parked again.........

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