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Originally Posted by F1004fun View Post
I have tested all sorts of o2 "sims" and it comes down to what the DME is looking for. The .650 volts that 99% of most o2 sims produce works on most cars that just look for good operating cat voltage. But when you let off on the gas and go into fuel cut our cars look for the lean signal and how long it took to get it. What is this $40 o2 simulator, tell me more about it. You say it is just a resistor wired to the DME harness, that sounds pretty vague. I have used the LC-1 on a 135i with great results, I don't see how your o2 "sim" worked on that car. I am going to need to see more information before I believe this claim. For $40 I'll buy my own and test it out.

it's called the dpfix. it's $80 from burger tuning, or $40 from the classifieds on (used). EVERYONE uses that o2 sim on the n54 platforms and have the exact same results as me. no codes. no issues. no pending codes.

people with cobb accessports, vishnu procedes, other flash tunes, and the burger jb4 all know the dpfix works for setting readiness, avoiding codes, and generally speaking is an end-all solution for running catless downpipes on the twin turbo cars.

i have put literally 50k+ combined miles on n54 vehicles with that dpfix. no codes, no check engine lights, even when driving (and coasting) on 330+ mile road trips. 3 different passes on state inspection testing, which in texas, consists of checking readiness on the 7 or so monitors.

for my e46, i purchased a dual bank o2 sim from installed it the same way as the burger tuning dpfix on my 135i and 335i (wired directly into the ecu harness in the ecu compartment). just like my twin turbo cars, my e46 has been driving substantial mileage with this solution, and on a few longer distance road trips. plenty of driving, coasting, etc. i haven't gotten any codes, pending codes, or any other problems from using the $40 o2 sim from

i'm not knocking the use of the innovative lc-1; it's obviously a proven technique to set readiness and pass inspection. again, i'm just giving my experience on the e46/e82/e90 platforms. wiring an o2 sim into the engine/ecu harness has worked perfectly fine for me, over 3 years, 50k+ combined miles, on 3 different cars.
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