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Yes you have to run the cables up into the headliner through the rubber boot that your rear view mirror cables are in. Once you are in the headliner, you have to go the driver side or passenger side A pillar. Look at the picture where I show the passenger side a pillar. That is where you can run the cables through. It is very easily done with the long zip tie. You can buy it at home depot/ lowes for about $5. If you don't have an aftermarket alarm, then you will have to use a SPDT (single pole double throw) relay to wire up the LED. You will have to use the N.C (normally closed) portion of the relay. You will wire it up to your ignition 12v +. So basically what will happen is when your car is off your led will light up, and when the car is on, it will turn off. If you have trouble wiring up the relay, let me know and I will post a few pics of how to wire it up.
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