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Originally Posted by Roborob View Post
Yeah I have been getting a lot of interest but I dont believe people have the cash and banks will not loan on a 97. I dont have to sell it, im just putting it out there. The swap alone is worth $5500. s14 Srs are getting more expensive these days. I paid more than $9000 when i got it and it had a bone stock s13 blacktop. Im the kind of person that likes to put the "original" motor (not ka but Silvia) so I swapped in a 97 Sr from a 97 Silvia. I know to the naked eye its just an everyday s14 but I spent a lot of time keeping things as original as possible. It has been the best modded car I have ever owned so I am going to be picky as to what I trade for or who buys it. Thanks for all the interest tho. You guys here are a lot more respectful than the 240 forums.
The black top in his was from an s14. Your car is nice but there's gonna be a lot of tire kickers because not many have the cash to shell out because there aren't loans to be had that's the problem. It's also a weird crowd it seems that 240 lovers aren't straying especially not to German, I've had both. I loved my 240 and hated it.
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