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I had these symptoms before doing the VANOS seals over a year ago. Ever since then, it progressively got worse with the surges during accelerations and now idling it bounces up and down. VANOS helped a significant amount, but soon after, it just started stuttering and accel was awful. Last month, the fuel filter was replaced, and one coil pack replaced as well. It worked great for about a week or so after that and the problems returned.

One thing to note, upon using Techron multiple times in the fuel tank, the problems went away completely...until the tank got low or i refilled with gas. Techron no longer works as of about two weeks ago. I replaced upper and lower intake boots today, but that didn't do a thing. The worse part was I was able to pull off the smaller inlet tube on the lower boot with my bare hands without loosing the clamp beforehand.

Autozone codes ran back cylinder 1 and 3 misfiring, while coil 4 was replaced a month ago along with EVAP leak detection P0442. Fuel pump was replaced about 3 years ago and intake boot as well. I also found out last month from my mechanic that my SES/CEL was 'disabled'. It hasn't lit up in years. Turns out after dismantling the gauge cluster that someone (presumably the shop from 3 years ago that did the fuel pump replacement and intake boot) disabled the LED for the SES and covered the hole with a rubber cement substance. See picture below. I was furious, but there's nothing I can do now.

Anyway, any help on what to do next? Spark plugs, replacing 1 and 3 coils, new fuel pump? Really just looking to get this thing back in working condition so I can get rid of it.

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2000 328i

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