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I thought I would share my crazy story: so I went to get an alignment today and one the driver side had -1.6 camber and the other side was -1.0. The alignment guy said that the front could not be aligned. So what he did was he took a hammer and tried hammering the stut top hat mount pin (tithe one that aligns the strut top mount to the chassis) to remove that and gain a little camber adjustment. I was like wtf!?... So he finally gives up hammering, he stripped the top round edge pin, and didn't even grind it down evenly, so it had a little bit of that pin sticking out still. So what he does is just leaves it (doesn't even grind it to even surface) and bolts it right back up further out. Thus creating a -1.3 camber. Now at this point the damage is done and I wanted to argue but the alignment guy said that everything's gonna be fine and that I wouldn't have to worry about a thing. So I leave the shop and as soon as I get on the freeway, my steering wheel starts to vibrate and my car drifts to the right... So I went back and told him my situation. He said that it could be my tires. HONESTLY at this point there is no arguing with the man. So I left. I currently have new control arms, bushings, steering guibo, tie rods, strut mounts and top hats, tires and Coilovers. I can't see why I'm still feeling steering vibrations. The rims are also not bent. I'm at a loss guys :'(
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