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Originally Posted by SeanC View Post
Point is he needs to stop acting like a teenager, and actually post something useful. I asked him to post a picture of his rack, but instead all he's doing so far is quoting somebody else (which I was already aware of since 2008) and being a sidekick.

I said I was willing to accept that the rack could be same, however the issue why ZHP's steering is unique is still not understood IMO.
Why would Mango's car be any different from any other 02-05 330i? That picture in that thread should be evidence enough to show that the steering racks are not part of the equation.

According to RealOEM, one of the pressure hoses was changed for MY2003 (09/2002), so perhaps that accounts for some of the difference. But otherwise it will come down to the pieces Alex323ci mentioned.

Honestly, I'm thinking the difference just comes down to the obscene weight of the ZHP wheels, the control arms, and the tires. Those are the only differences in the front axle of a ZHP and ZSP built at the same time.

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