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Originally Posted by EJL486 View Post
so rarely do we get to see a thread where the people who are real drivers/have track experience make the sensible comments and those who dont know how to drive just bash. not saying everyone here who bashed cant drive, but those who drive on tracks know that regardless of all the details about the driver himself, Mark M said it best, the kid actually crashed the way you're supposed to given the situation. also, as said before, knowing the course is critical, this guy obviously didnt know the course, and was driving way too hard for not knowing it. a tricky turn for a first run, no doubt. in my first experience on a track, I had a similar experience - I approached a similar turn, albeit at significantly lower speed, and as such, an unnerving shimmy later and all I lost was 2-3 seconds off my lap time!
I remember this. Good learing experience at the BMW performance center... I miss that day.
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