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Minimum amount down to achieve best interest rate.

Send in 1 payment per week for the first 14 weeks with coupons when you receive the payment book.

Make normal payment each month after that.

This gives you a nice reliable car with good resale value and warranty and a 12 month buffer so no payment is ever late or missed and more money left in savings for emergencies.

You would not have paid any more interest than putting the 14 payments total in the down payment and you have a buffer.

People make mistakes of putting too much down on a car or home then coming across a situation that screws them down the road.

If you have too much money and no reason to worry about anything, make a normal payment every week with the monthly coupon until its paid off. This allows you to suspend payments if needed at any time and always be ahead and only pay a years worth of interest instead of 5.

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