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Originally Posted by SeanC View Post
These would affect the feel of "tightness" to me, but not "quickness".
Proof it's quicker? Everything I've seen indicates that both models have the same turns lock to lock (2.7 turns) and both have the same turning radius (34.4 ft). By definition, the steering ratio must be the same if those two points are true.

Originally Posted by SeanC View Post
I am not saying his car is any different. I did ask him to post something useful, i.e. a picture of his rack, he didn't reply. Then he goes and quotes you guys, and calls people's names out

I did not know about the pressure hose change. Does it apply to all 03+ cars or just the ZHPs?
Seems to apply to all 03 cars. But at least when the ZHP debuted, most impressions seemed to be from people with 01 and 02s test driving the new ZHPs

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