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Originally Posted by SPDSKTR View Post
Let's take the Mustang V6 and compare it against the BRZ. Can you imagine what you could drop on that Mustang with $3,300? Upgrade the suspension and you'll have a car that's going to piss off the BRZ through the turns (may not actually hang with it) and absolutely roast it in the straights.
yeah, but will the mustang be as exciting and rewarding to drive? even the frs/brz creaters have emphasized that their cars goal is not about outright speed and ultimate handling grip. the car is about the thrill and connectedness behind the wheel. the e46 isn't exactly the fastest, best handling, or most luxurious coupe/sedan for the money, yet so many of us chose to buy them. i'm guessing 1 of the main reasons we chose to buy them is because of the way the car feels behind the wheel. sometimes driving experience is more important than actual performance specs.

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