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Originally Posted by SPDSKTR View Post
In comparison to previous generation Mustangs I've driven, the latest models give a much more connected feel to the car, but it's still nothing like my E46. I dare say all the BRZ needs (in my opinion) is more power. It seems like performance shops are already making this happen.
no matter how much more "connected" the new mustangs feel compared to previous generation ones, you still won't get the responses you get from an under 2800lbs car with a super low center of gravity that you get from the frs/brz.

yes, the frs/brz can use more power, and it's great that aftermarkets are doing something about it. but the bottom line is that toyota/subaru want this car to be "affordable", and adding FI will only up the price. who knows, rumor has it that toyota is working on a SC while subaru is working on a turbo for their respective cars, so maybe in a year or 2 they'll be available for people who are willing to pay more for a faster frs/brz.
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