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Originally Posted by SLVR JDM View Post
Buy an inexpensive but reliable commuter car until she graduates. I wouldn't go above your available cash by a dime and ideally I'd spend about $10k and bank the rest for her post-school vehicle.

I'd also pay cash because I don't like car payments.

^ This. Buying an out of warranty german luxury car will be...well you already know that.

Buy a used Civic or something, you can even get one that's quite nice with leather/nav/whatever and sell it for pretty close to what you bought it for in a year. The values of used Civics hold very very well. You'll get to drive a nice, fuel efficient car for very cheap until she's out of school and can get a nicer Lexus. Other option is a higher mileage TL or TSX and do the same thing as above.
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