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Originally Posted by SeanC View Post
Are you 15 years old? Those pictures are from the thread I linked above, which I have also contributed to 4 years ago. What were you doing back then, learning how to change your oil?
Ridiculous. Just two weeks ago you got schooled by this "noob" and ran away with your tail between your legs Then you came back and publicly apologized. I don't claim to be an expert on anything by any stretch of the imagination, but as far as ignorance when it comes to the E46 and cars in general, you absolutely take the cake. Should I link some of your material?

Originally Posted by SeanC View Post
Point is he needs to stop acting like a teenager, and actually post something useful. I asked him to post a picture of his rack, but instead all he's doing so far is quoting somebody else (which I was already aware of since 2008) and being a sidekick.

I said I was willing to accept that the rack could be same, however the issue why ZHP's steering is unique is still not understood IMO.
Point is YOU need to stop trying to force your opinions on people despite being showing evidence that you're wrong. You sound and act exactly like GoingNuts when he kept trying to dig and dig and dig despite the entire forum telling him he was wrong. This went on page after page when finally someone said enough is enough and shut it down.

And I don't have all the time in the world like you do. Yeah right like I'm going to stop my life to put my car up on jackstands so I can confirm (again) that you're wrong. I'll do it when it's convenient and when I show that the rack is the same, you'll again publicly apologize to everyone, especially me for your direct whining


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