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Originally Posted by EDawg View Post
some cars are fun only when you put down the power and go fast. other cars like the frs/brz can provide thrills without going insanely fast. that is the point i'm trying to get at. i love power and speed as much as the next person, but our public roads don't exactly allow us to make use of that power and speed without risking some serious legal consequences. this is also kind of the point the frs/brz creators are trying to get at: they believe modern sports cars have become too expensive, too powerful, too grippy, and too electronically nannied and their goal with the frs/brz is get back to the basics and provide a car that is simple, easy to manage, and affordable that can be enjoyed at non insane speed. the frs/brz was never intended for power/speed junkies.
What I think bugs the piss out of me is the fact that everyone is seeming to rave about how the BRZ/FR-S is the Messiah of modern sports cars, when in all reality, it's just another entry-level sports car with a $3,000 higher price tag.

Originally Posted by CoconutPete View Post
I assume you mean power seats? Do you know what those weigh? The whole point of this car is that it's light and nimble. Why don't we add a panorama sunroof and a trailer hitch while we're at it?

I like, don't like, know like, what you like, mean by boxy? Can you like, maybe like, explain further?
By shedding power seats in my car and getting a pair of Sparco Fighters, I could easily save some 140 lbs. Ditch the sunroof? Probably another 25 lbs. It all adds up... people don't realize. There's a reason the old CRX got awesome fuel efficiency.

I think he meant horizontal boxer motor.
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